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Gaye Lynette Burnam

Gaye Lynette Katerianne Burnam:
 *Katerianne* is Lynette's confirmation name. Lynette was confirmed by Father George in Las Vegas NM in 1993 

 + Ruben Duarte Ramirez
    MARRIED: 9 August 1975
    Tucson AZ
     DIVORCED: 2 January 1979
     Tucson AZ

 +Lewis Ray Sheets
    MARRIED: 5 May 1981
    St. Paul's United Methodist Church
    Tucson AZ
    DIVORCED:  21 September 1984
    Page 2
    Tucson AZ

+ Roy Bate
   MARRIED: 22 November 1997
   Farmington NM
   DIVORCED: 13 November 2000
   Adelaide SA

+ Jonathan Charles Phipps
    MARRIED: 21 December 2000
    Robin Hood Drive
    Nanaimo BC
    DIVORCED: 11 August 2011 
    Nanaimo BC 

  Jonathan is a computer technician. Prior to that, he
was a long distance truck driver, worked the oil patch, lumber yards, and did farm work. He was in the Canadian Armed Forces in the 70's. Jonathan transgendered in 2008. He is now known as Joanna Marie Phipps. It took a bit for Lynette and 'Joanna' to get their divorce. They continued to live together in order to help each other through Lynette's healing and Joanna's transition. 

Lynette was a tamer of dangerous minds (an educator). She has worked as a clerk/typist, a nurses assistant, and was a store manager for Jones Photo. Lynette has a B.A. in Elementary Education, and a M.Ed. in Special Education. Lynette retired early from teaching in 2010 as she had been battered by a student in January of that year and felt it was in her best interest to allow herself time to recover. She returned to live in Canada in the summer of 2010. She first arrived on Vancouver Island and lived in Nanaimo. In August of 2011, Lynette moved to Etobicoke ON. On October 21, 2012, Lynette and Aislon returned to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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