Family Memories Revisited

A Letter From Des written to Lynette Burnam

June 6, 1994

    June 6, 1994
    Vero Beach, FL

Dear Lynette,
     This may not be what you want, but I am writing thoughts
and hoping it will help one and all at the Reunion. Maybe some
will like it, maybe some will not.
     I don't expect you to put it all in the book.


    One of the reasons I can not make it this year is because at
times I forgot to remember the good things my Father and
Mother taught me when I was growing up.
    Granny Pearl always read her Bible and abided by it, and
Granddaddy Lon always stood by her, no matter what. He would
always correct anyone who dared to mistreat her, and she always
forgave those who did.
    They were both always there when we needed them-"No Matter
what." They always forgave us for our mistakes and gave us
encouragement to carry on.
    Of course I always thought and still do believe there was
no better Mother and Dad in the world. "Don't we all feel the same
about our own?
    I also know that their first son, Lon Jr., was one of the best
men I have ever known. He was my Idol when I was just
a little boy. And Doug. The second Son was always my Buddy
when I was either in or out of trouble; and Earl, the 4th son
because he was younger and smaller than I. Even if he wasn't
wrong!, and Sis the fifth child and only girl named after her
Grandmother Thompson-Edna Florene was always my pride and joy.
And she always introduced me to her lovely girl friends when
we were older. ah!
    Any good character I may have had or nowhave is because
of the Love of God and my Beloved Family. Mistakes I have made
many, but thoughts of my Family and, not least, God have always
brought me over any hump in the road.
     I'll never forget the little picture and verse hanging
on Granny Pearl's front room wall. about a boy and a girl and a
balloon with one of them in the basket, the other on the ground.
The verse went like this: (Given to her by Lon Jr.)
    "If I could start in sortin out the Folks I like the best,
    I'd find you right up at the top just leading all the rest."

    That's how I always felt about Granddaddy Lon and Granny Pearl.)
    Another piece of writing (author unknown to me, I treasure)
would like to share with to whom it may concern. Goes like this:
"Why do we wait till a person's gone
Before we tell his worth?
Why do we wait: why not tell him now
He's the finest man on earth?
why do we wait 'til a person's gone
to send him flowers galore.
When a single rose would have meant so much
If we'd taken it to his door?
Why do we wait 'til he cannot hear
The good things that we might say?
Why put it off, why not tell him now
And share in his joy today?
Of course we're busy, that's our excuse,
But why, oh why do we wait
To tell a person our love for him
Until it becomes too late?"

    Another writing I like some of you probably have read. The
author is Helen Steiner Rice, I love to read any of her writings.

"Brighten the Corner Where You Are"
We cannot all be famous or be listed in "Who's Who",
But every person great or small has important work to do.
For seldom do we realize the importance of small deeds
Or to what degree of greatness unnoticed kindness leads-
For it's not the big celebrity in a world of fame & praise-
But it's doing unpretentiously in undistinguished ways
The work that God assigned to us, unimportant as it seems.
That makes our task outstanding and brings reality to dreams
So do not sit and idly wish for wider, new dimensions
Where you can put in practice your many good intentions"
But at the spot God placed you begin at once to do
Little things to brighten up the lives surrounding you.
For if everybody brightened up the spot on which they're standing
By being more considerate and a little less demanding,
this dark old World would very soon eclipse the "Evening Star"
If everybody "Brightened Up the Corner Where They Are."
author: Helen Steiner Rice

So much for all that! I wonder if she was related to our
Rice Family of relatives?

    Thank you Dear Lynette for including your Uncle Bill and his
family. You'd have to be a precious Lady to be the
Daughter of Lon Jr. & Louise.
    I know you are a beautiful Lady and I do love you and all
of Lon Jr.'s family.
    I Love my Son & Daughter, but they must speak for
themselves, "That's the way we are, "Our own person."
    "So much for all that"
    I am enclosing a copy of Sister Edna's Poem to her brother
Dougie as I promised. Let me know if you get the book I sent.
    May God Bless Each of Every One of you there and always.
    Thank you again, Dear Lady, and remember, I do care! Regards
and happiness to all. Laura & I are doing fine.
Uncle Bill
(or Des)

P.S. Just an added thought from an old man who knows-----To
All-----"Don't Drink & Drive" It isn't worth it, believe me.
So Long for now-----
(Maybe next year.)