Family Memories Revisited

Precious Memories Of Granny Pearl


Ken & Donna Francis

April 1994

    Granny Pearl what a saint you are!
Your faith and committment first to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
then to your beloved husband Lon will always stand out in our minds.
What a joy it was to anticipate our fellowship together.
We always gleened so much.

We shall always remember on each of our visits how a huge
bowl of strawberry jello with cut up bananas along with Vienna Fingers
were always in your kitchen ready to greet us. We'd sit around your small
red table eating, laughing, sharing & caring.

One of your slogans was "Waste Not, Want Not!"
and truly you lived by that standard. Frugality was
a way of life for you. Even some of your choice drinking
glasses were carefully collected as the free bonus inside
the box of oatmeal. How proud you were of those plastic

On each visit you might read us a Bible verse, reminiscence,
or sing a hymn or one of your favorite songs. We can still
visualize to this day the time you rocked your Great-Grandson
Eric while singing so angelically, "Go to sleep my little pick-a-ninny,
ver foxes gonna get ya if you don't..." Then on another occassion
you sang the hymn "Precious Memories" to us while standing in your
kitchen. Tears filled our eyes as we knew you were recalling all the past
wonderful years to mind as you sang.

Then before it seemed we had hardly even said hello, it was already
time for us to go, You'd walk us to the car, hug and kiss us and say
in your sweet fraile voice, "God be with you til we meet again."
Then with a twinkle in your eye, you'd quickly turn and head
toward your home. You didn't believe in good-byes, only the
memory of that day was needed to get you through that night.

With your Bible resting over your heart when the time came for you to
depart, has only confirmed to us what a day that will be when
someday we too shall see our Jesus. You have given us a glimpse
of what Heaven will be as shown by example of our dear saintly
Granny Pearl.

Precious memories how they linger!

With deep resepct & love,
Ken & Donna Francis
April 1994