Family Memories Revisited


by G. Lynette Burnam

Some of my childhood memories of Granny Pearl and Granddaddy include
the long time it took us to get to Texas from Arizona. It seemed to take
forever. I remember sleeping in the rear window on the way.
(I don't think I'd still be able to fit there, even though it was a pretty
good space then.) Sometimes I'd wake up and see the stars up
above. Then I'd wonder where we were. It seemed my dad
could drive endlessly.

I remember going to Quanah for the family reunion in 1965--it was to celebrate
Granny Pearl and Granddaddy's 50th wedding anniversary. I remember staying
at Aunt Edna and Uncle Kenneth's home. I remember the times the cousins
would gather around the piano. David would play. We'd all sing, or at least
make an attempt to sing, songs such as "Wolverton Mountain".
Even little Terry Lon would join in with the "Cuckoos". Granddaddy
would always request his favourite song-- "The Tennessee Waltz".

I remember going to one of Steve's football games. It had been snowing.
That was quite an experience for us Arizonans who seldom saw snow.

I remember going swimming and jumping off the high dive. This was
really scary for me, but it was also fun. I also remember going to a
trampoline park and jumping. Afterwards it seemed that I didn't have any legs.

I remember Marsha, Lonnie Max, and I arguing about who was older. At
the end Lonnie Max said he didn't care--he wouldn't be a day older--something
to do with the fact that he was born 9 months to the day after his parents were

I remember Aunt Helen's pecan pies. MMMMMMmmmmmmm GOOOOOoood !!!!
I have her recipe, but I'm sure my pies aren't nearly as good.

I remember Granny Pearl's little nic nacs. She gave me a little black collie.
I still have it, too.

I remember Granddaddy whittling away, playing dominoes, or singing.

I was involved in the Pythian Sunshine Girls and went on several trips all
over Arizona for meetings. Daddy would go with me as he often helped in some
way. Daddy was always going to his own meetings all over the state. He was
a member of the Knights of Pythias, the D.O.K.K. He also enjoyed bowling
and was on several leagues. It was nice having my dad around at my

I remember the picnics we'd have on Saddleback Mountain, or perhaps
in the Aravaipa Canyon or up near Oracle. They were always lots
of fun. Friends would be there too. Sometimes in the winter, we'd go to
Oracle, Arizona and play in the snow. Daddy would help us make snowballs
and we'd throw them at each other.

Daddy was also very busy with the boy scouts and often helped judge
projects at the jamboree. I'd often go with him to "help" --although I'm
not too certain just how much help I actually was. Daddy didn't seem to
complain any--at least not to me.

I remember Daddy trying to teach me to drive. Boy would I get nervous
because I'd want to impress my dad. I would get so frazzled that I wouldn't be
able to do very well-especially driving standard. I'd jerk the clutch
and grind the gears. I'm sure I must've caused an ulcer or at least
a very sore neck and back from that bunny hopping. (kanga hops
for my Aussie friends...smiles) Daddy was so patient- he never complained
and was always so good natured about it. My brother, Jerry, tried to help
in that area too. He had just bought a new Malibu Chevelle and was willing
to let me, his baby sister, drive it. Now that really scared me--
I was afraid I'd wreck his new car.

I remember going to see my mom and dad square dance. They sure
looked great on the dance floor.

I remember my pet cat dying and Daddy taking me out near the river and
helping me bury him (her).

I remember going to Quanah for Granddaddy's funeral. I remember going to
the funeral home and visiting him. Daddy was with me-or I was with Daddy.
It was the only time I saw Daddy cry. I'm glad I was there to give him a hug.

I remember Daddy always on the golf course, in the bowling alley, at the town
hall or in his little office near the park. Daddy was the town magistrate for Hayden.
I also remember going to visit him at his office at K.C.C.

I remember Daddy dancing with his granddaughter-Angie. I remember Daddy
seeing his graddaughter, Traci, for the first time. She had just been born.
Daddy was in the same hospital, too. His was so full of love and joy,
that his eyes just sparkled.

I remember Daddy always saying:
The girls in Texas bathed in Sweetwater, dressing in Plainview, and
the boys went to Seymore. (These are all towns in Texas.)

I remember Daddy telling Jerry and Carol that they shouldn't go jeep riding
while Carol was expecting because they'd "knock the ____ off his grandson".
He must've been right--Traci was born soon after. :D

I remember Daddy's closet was always such fun to get into. The closet was
very large. It had shelves behind the clothes. There were all sorts of
surprises-teeny, tiny books, games and a store of other items. (I still have
the books. They're classics!)

I remember Daddy helping me make a lamp out of cholla cactus. The lamp sits
proudly upon my night stand. I remember him making me a toy chest out of
his tool box. I took my toy chest to Australia with me. Some wonderful friends
are taking care of it for me until I can have it shipped to Canada. I remember
Daddy made a cradle for my doll and Mom made the doll a little outfit and blanket.

I remember being at a slumber party and getting a phone call that my
dad was in the hospital with a perforated ulcer. I remember going to see
him. It was really scary, because Daddy looked so sick. I was so worried about him.

I remember Daddy getting dentures. I remember how Daddy would
chew his food very carefully even before he had dentures.

I remember Daddy's battle with cancer and how gallantly he fought to
live. I remember Granny Pearl doubting her faith because of the pain of
watching her oldest lose the battle.

I remember visiting Granny Pearl and Aunt Helen while I was in college.
Granny Pearl still loved her Cherry Dr. Peppers. Uncle Earl Henry took a day off
and showrf me around Ft. Worth. We took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens,
and walked down to the Water Gardens.

I remember Uncle Earl came to Arizona for a meeting and made a trip to
Aravaipa. I remember bird watching with him. I remember the patience he
showed and the love he gave us all. I remember the spark he put into Aislon -
-she now has a special love for trying to see how many different birds she can spot.

I remember Uncle Earl and Aunt Alma Ann coming to Traci's wedding and
the fun we all had.

I remember when Cathy came for the summer. I remember how excited we
all were. I remember when she became a permanent part of our family. I
remember the times I'd get into her hair--be a typical, or perhaps not so
typical, baby sister.

I remember Bruce and his buddy coming to visit us on leave from the Navy. I
remember how star struck I was.

I remember how much Daddy loved Mom's homemade ice cream.

I remember how Daddy would eat watermelon until he had a stomach ache.

I remember Daddy working all day to set up the fireworks for the 4th of July
Celebration and then working all night setting the fireworks off for the whole
town to enjoy. I remember the times he got burned, too.

MOST OF ALL-----I remember how much I love my family and how much I
enjoy being with them !!!!