Family Memories Revisited


by G. Lynette Burnam

I remember Ronnie having a paper route and passing it on to Jerry and then
Jerry passing it on to me. I remember the time I gave "special delivery" to
one customer--I threw the paper right through their living room window!!!
Talk about service.

I remember Traci going with me everywhere--she'd ride on my lap while I was

I remember Traci at two years of age singing to her new baby sister through
the hospital nursery window--I remember taping it, too. I still have it on tape.

I remember Traci making tortillitas para Mama y para Papa.

I remember Carol and Nana Chita helping me in the labour room.

I remember Traci showing everyone how "Bruno" (Ruben) dances.

I remember Traci making an uggy face. And I remember her 'otra um'.

I remember Marti dancing on the table. She had 'encouragement
from Dad, Jerry, and Ruben.

I remember Mom's dresser and me playing 'dress-up'.

I remember Ronnie going to the U of A--then to the U of U--and then to
San Francisco Letterman's General Hospital.

I remember Ronnie's getting married & my taking care of the guest book.

I remember Jerry going to the Marine's and his graduation from boot camp in
San Diego. I remember his going to Vietnam and his homecoming.

I remember Daddy calling me "Nettie".

I remember Jerry calling me "Nutty Nettie".

I remember Daddy putting a little something 'extra' under the Christmas tree.

I remember keeping my first real secret. Daddy was very curious as to what
I got Mom for Chrissy. It was a huge package. I wouldn't tell him and it was
'killing' him. It was actually a pressie to him from Mom. She had left it with me
at college so he wouldn't find it before Christmas Day. Christmas Day, when
Daddy looked under the tree to give out the presents, he went to that big present
first. He read the tag and found to was to him--he couldn't wait any longer--he
opened it immediately!!! It was a great day! It was also Daddy's last
Christmas on earth.

I remember going to Disneyland with Mom, Denard, Cathy, Jeff, Lauren,
and Aislon.

I remember taking Mom, Traci, and Marti Jo to Sea World and the
San Diego Zoo.

I remember driving to Brawley, CA to pick up Marti Jo at Grandpa Denard's
and Grandma's. Boy, was it HOT!!! To keep cool, we squirted ourselves
and each other with water.

I remember Jerry getting married, and my playing the organ for the ceremony.

I remember Cathy getting married and my being the maid of honor.

I remember Traci getting married and my playing the organ for the entire
ceremony instead of just one song as originally requested.

I remember riding in a car next to Doug--he was driving and he let go of the
steering wheel and told me to drive (I was only about 8 or 9 years old-I think).
We almost went into a ditch or a creek or something by a bridge. Boy, was I
ever scared!!!

I remember Mom making me my birthday cakes each year--Angel Food--It's still
one of my favourites!

I remember going to visit my mom at the post office. I thought I was pretty
important because I got to go in back of the counter sometimes, too!

I remember Uncle Earl Henry and family coming to visit us in Arizona. On the
day they left, we were all taking pictures. Uncle Earl Henry was lining us up for
a photo and then he told us to "Say---Sex" It caught us all off guard and made
us smile for the picture. :D

I remember. . . . . . .