Family Memories Revisited



Edna Florene Burnam Francis

My first memories (I was 3 yrs.+) of you are of the night 
our little brother Earl was born.
Mother had you take me to a neighbor's house to stay until morn.
I didn't want you to leave me, cause I felt all alone
And I was sad when you went back home.
You would always dance a fancy jig while walking down the street
Waving and talking to everyone you would meet,
We knew everybody in our little town
And you charmed them all cause you were a clown-
Changing their faces to a smile from a frown.
When you came home from the war bringing gifts, 
how happy I would be,
Not just for the gifts, but for the return of 
my big brother, Dougie,
I remember many more good times, with you, 
but don't have space to mention them here
So, I'll just close by saying, I love you, Dougie dear!

Your devoted sister,
Edna Florene (Burnam) Francis