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William Thomas Bonine

+ Manerva "Nervie" Ann Tune
    Married: 26 January 1882
    Rising Star, TX

W.T. was a goat rancher.  He also played the fiddle.  It is said that he was struck by lightning and lived; however, W.T. had a white streak in his hair as a reminder of the event.

Minerva was drug to death by a mule team whilst hauling water.

+ Mary Ann 'Molly' George

Their Descendants Are:.

John William Bonine
B: 6 December 1882
     Brownwood, TX
D: 25 May 1972
    Duncan, AZ
* James Reason Abner Bonine
B: 18 July 1889
     Martha OK
D: 25 January 1975
    Tucson AZ
Minnie Lee Bonine
B: 30 March 1884
D: 14 March 1972
     Aztec NM
Mary Ida Bonine
B: 15 February 1899
D: 29 March 1983
     Carlsbad, NM
Cynthia (Sintha) Ann Bonine
B: 30 October 1892
     Snyder, OK
D: 15 September 1922
     Norwood, CO
Grover Warren Bonine
B: 24 February 1891
    Martha, OK
D: 25 March 1972
    Artesia NM
Ernest Leo Bonine
B: 27 April 1897
     Snyder, OK
D: 7 September 1972
     Avis, NM
Martha Stella Bonine
B: 2 November 1886
     Brownwood, TX
D: 27 November 1960
Emma Edna Bonine
B: 19 August 1904
     Roswell, NM
D: 28 July 1994
     Carlsbad, NM
Lucy May Bonine
B: 9 December 1894
     Snyder, OK
D: 25 February 1977
     Duncan, AZ

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